An intriguing meeting with a values-driven organisation
25 june 2019

An intriguing meeting with a values-driven organisation

Members of our leadership team after an intriguing meeting with a values-driven organisation that puts patients first.  We feel privileged to be interacting/collaborating with strong leaders in healthcare with a vision of adding value to the lives of thousands of cancer patients globally. They are solving complex clinical questions by collaborating broadly with patients, caregivers, physicians, scientist and payers.


26 june 2019
About non-verbal communication

After a riveting meeting with a team in Milan who are developing a game changing asset in the parkinsonsdisease space...

14 june 2019
Simplifying Risk-Based Monitoring

A few years have elapsed since ICH added the E6 (R2) addendum to its Good Clinical Practice Guidelines.

28 may 2019
World’s first ‘Darwinian’ cancer drug programme aims to deliver step change in cancer treatment

We at Clinmed Pharma were excited when we read this.

27 may 2019
Theresa May’s commitment to diagnosing cancers earlier is great news

This is a topic that is close to our heart as we have just completed a very large international pivotal colorectal cancer clinical trial.